The transfer of credit for a budgetary key from origin to destination is an instrument that allows to incorporate available funds into a specific key for the execution of expenditure from that key. Through this operation, domestic aids of the University of Alicante granted through the various programmes of action of the vice-rectorates are incorporated. In addition, loans can be managed between keys and in certain cases they can offset costs for other keys.

Transfers are always sorted by holders of budgetary source keys and their motivation shall be reflected clearly in the application form for transfer.

There are certain restrictions caused by the nature of the keys of the system of taxation applicable VAT or of the aids or grants that nourish them hat preclude the execution realization of certain transfers and therefore, those specified below cannot be ordered:

  • Transfers between keys "VAT NO" to keys "VAT YES"
  • Between keys considered of "Research" (60932,33,34,35) and of "No research" (60930,38,39)
  • Transfers from keys that have certain restrictions to others who do not have them.
  • Transfers between fixed keys (unless authorized by management)
  • Transfers from and to official master’s degree keys that do not have them as their destination or origin


Note: Forms for the execution of transfers between applications with gem 2 code (both), applications of Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 shall be executed through the economic management service


Credit transfer form