It is the amount to be justified according to the Granting Resolution. It is made up of one or more items.

In all cases, before the end of the execution period ( beginning and end date of the project) and before the competent body

The justification period is defined as the period of time between the date on which the project is completed or the moment when no further funds are received for the execution of the project, and the final date on which the justifying documentation must be submitted.

The date of the invoices to be included in the justification of the different items of the eligible budget shall be between the moment of the beginning of the project and the end of the execution period of each annual payment.

  • If the subsidy is co-financed with ERDF funds, the maximum date for the payment of invoices is the last day of the period of execution of the project.
  • If the subsidy is not co-financed with ERDF funds, the last date for the payment of invoices is the last day of the period of justification, which is generally 3 months after the end of the period of execution.
  • In general, it is advisable to process all pending expenses through the University's economic management system one month before the end of the execution period. This avoids having expenses that do not meet the date requirements and therefore cannot be included when preparing the justification.
  • Haber gastado la subvención conforme a la solicitud del proyecto, o bien según posteriores modificaciones autorizadas por el organismo financiador.

That the expenditure is eligible, according to the call involved and in accordance with the details in the project application.

  • Each invoice must correspond to a single concept of expenditure. For example: fungible material or material that can be inventoried, but not both concepts included in the same invoice. Que cada factura obedezca a un único concepto de gasto. Por ejemplo: material fungible o material inventariable, pero no ambos conceptos incluidos en una misma factura.
  • Do not share invoices between two budget keys.
  • They are not eligible. They cannot be included as expenses in the justification of a project.
  • Under no circumstances may financial transaction costs, fees and charges for currency exchange, or other strictly financial costs, be included in the justification of a project.

Staff working on the project, as long as they are identified by name.

  • The original receipts corresponding to the means of transport used.
  • Invoices, receipts or tickets for accommodation, food and transport allowances costs incurred during the trip and charged to the project.
  • Settlement of the trip.
  • In addition:
    • In the case of travel and food allowances due to attendance at congresses, you are required to provide proof of registration and a certificate of attendance
    • When the reason of expenditure corresponds to conferences, seminars or meetings in which results and topics directly related to the final objectives of the project are presented, the agenda of such meetings shall be shown.
  • A brief and clear description of the acquired element shall be included:
    • For example: in a purchase of liquid nitrogen, it is not valid to write "expendable material" as the description is "6 bottles of liquid nitrogen".