Information note from the Ministry of Science and Innovation on the thirteenth additional provision of RD 11/2020 of March 31

The thirteenth additional provision of Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, of March 31 (BOE of April 1), establishes, among others, the possibility of extending fixed-term employment contracts financed from public calls for human resources in the field of research, carried out by financing agents of the State System of Science, Technology and Innovation, among which are the calls for human resources of the State Research Agency.

To comply with the aforementioned royal decree-law, the Agency will publish:

1. Immediately, a resolution to implement the authorization of the extensions of the contracts signed between the beneficiary entity and the researcher hired within the framework of the grants that will appear in the annex to the resolution. From the outset, extensions will be authorized for a maximum initial period of three months, notwithstanding that the entities benefiting from the aids may promote that the extension period is extended to the maximum established in the royal decree-law, when the lifting of the state of alarm.

2. As many resolutions to modify the corresponding aid calls contemplated in the royal decree-law as necessary to adapt the conditions and deadlines for the execution and justification of the aid, as well as other issues that could affect the proper development of the contracts in its different modalities or to the eligibility of the expense concepts originated by the state of alarm situation.

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