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1. COST (European cooperation in the field of the scientific and technical investigation)

2. COSME (Competitiveness of the Companies and of the Small and medium enterprises)



5. Creative Europe


1. COST (European cooperation in the field of the scientific and technical investigation)

COST is an intergovernmental European coordination network of European scientific and technical research.

This program helps to open up the European Research Area to cooperation worldwide and enables innovative scientific breakthroughs that lead to new concepts and products.

The selected projects, 4-years, don't receive funding for research, but receive funding for networking activities as:

  • Scientific meetings of the Groups of Work
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Scientific missions of short length (STSMs)
  • Workshops of training and scientific conferences
  • Activities of dissemination

Extensive information about calls, participation or expert evaluators of the COST program here

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2. COSME (Competitiveness of the Companies and of the Small and medium enterprises)


COSME is the EU Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which runs from 2014 to 2020 with a projected budget of 2.3 billion Euros.

The objectives of the program include:



Improving the framework conditions for the competitiveness and sustainability of EU companies

  • Activities to improve the European competitiveness
  • Activities to develop the politics of SMEs and to promote competitiveness of the SMEs
  • Tourism
  • New business concepts for consumer products

Promote learning

  • Erasmus for Entrepreneurs
  • Education learning

Promote access to finance

  • Financial instruments

Improve access to markets

  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • Support to the SMEs abroad
  • Support to the international industrial cooperation

Learn more about COSME program by the following link:



The Erasmus+ program aims to enhance the skills and employability, as well as the modernization of education, training, youth and work. The program lasts for seven years and has a budget of 14.7 billion Euros

Erasmus+ provide opportunities for more than 4 million Europeans who can study, training, work experience and volunteering abroad. It will also support transnational partnerships to foster cooperation and unite the worlds of education and work in order to address the skills gaps with which we face in Europe.

Erasmus+ meets seven existing EU programs in the fields of Education, Training and Youth, and for the first time provides support for Sport. As an integrated program, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation in all sectors of sport Education, Training, Youth, and also simplified the process of participation.

Learn more about ERASMUS+ program.



One of the financial program available in the European Union dedicated exclusively to the environment, is LIFE program.

Its main objectives include contributing to sustainable development and the promotion of innovative technologies on the environment and climate change is the LIFE program.

The LIFE program is divided into two sub-priority areas with three each.

  • Environment Sub-program
  •      Environment and Efficient Use of Resources
  •      Nature and Biodiversity
  •      Environmental Governance and Information
  •  Climate Action Sub-program
  •      Climate Change Mitigation
  •      Adaptation to Climate Change
  •      Climate Governance and Information

May also cover the following types of projects:

     a) pilot projects
     b) demonstration projects
     c) best practice projects
     d) integrated projects
     e) technical assistance projects
     f) capacity building projects
     g) preparatory projects
     h) projects information, awareness and dissemination

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The Creative Europe program aims to strengthen the audiovisual, cultural and creative sector in Europe.

The different funding schemes encourage members of different sectors (audiovisual, cultural and creative) to expand throughout Europe, to reach new audiences and develop the skills needed in the digital age. In addition, to help European cultural and audiovisual works to reach audiences in other countries, the program will also contribute to the safeguarding of cultural and linguistic diversity.

The purpose of this program on culture and communication are:

  • Culture → improving the cultural area shared by Europeans.
  • Communication → financial support in the development, distribution and promotion of cinematographic and audiovisual industries in the European Union.

Extensive information about CREATIVE EUROPE at the following links:


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