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What is Horizon 2020?


Horizon 2020 is the current framework for research, technological development and innovation in the European Union. Existing during the period 2014-2020, is one of the main sources of funding for research in Europe, with nearly 80 billion euros.

As a novelty in this program, highlights global integration from the initial phase of knowledge generation to the closer activities to market.

The strategic pillars of the Horizon 2020 programme are divided in three:


Excellent science

1. the European Council of research (ERC)

2. the future and emerging technologies (FET)

3. the actions Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA)

4. research infrastructures

Industry leadership

1 leadership in enabling and industrial technologies

1.1 technologies of information and communication (technology ICT)

1.2 nanotechnologies

1.3 advanced materials

1.4 biotechnology

1.5 advanced manufacturing and processing


2. access to the financing of risk

3. innovation in SMEs

Social challenges

1 health, demographic change and well-being

2. food security, agriculture and sustainable forestry, marine, inland and maritime research, and bio-economy

3. safe, clean and efficient energy.

4. intelligent, ecological and integrated transport

5. action by the climate, environment, efficiency of resources and raw materials

6. Europe in a changing world: reflective, innovative and inclusive societies

7. secure societies: protect the freedom and security of Europe and its citizens

The approximate distribution of budget according to the strategy, is shown below:



AREA H2020

For research and innovation

Science excellent - FET, research infrastructures

Industry leadership

Social challenges

Science and to society

Shares of innovation (including FastTrack to Innovation-FTI)

Industry leadership

Social challenges

Coordination and support actions

Excellent science

Industry leadership

Social challenges

Science and to society

Spreading excellence and expanding

Grants from the European Research Council (ERC)

Excellent science - ERC

Marie Sklodowska_Curie actions

Excellent science - Marie Curie Sklowdowska

Shares of co-financing-COFUND

Excellent science - Marie Curie Sklowdowska

Industry leadership

Social challenges

Instrument SME

Industry leadership - LEIT

Social challenges


Industry leadership

Social challenges

Risk financing

Industry leadership

Social challenges

Source CDTI. Areas of application of the different types of action in H2020

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